Super Decisions

Super Decisions 3.2

Creates and manages Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and ANP models

Facilitates the decision-making of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Analytic Network Process (ANP) models. Manages the properties of the models with the possibility to enter own judgments and get results as well as performing the sensitivity analysis.

Decision-making is a fundamental process in every company, and even in our daily life. This program helps you to make good business and personal decisions based on two different methods: the Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP), and the Analytic Network Process (ANP). In the first one, you need to input your goal, the criteria to be taken into account, and the alternatives, which need to be hierarchically arranged according to their relevance to the criteria. The second is a newer, more complex decision-making model.

Both of them function in a manner that is akin to MS PowerPoint diagrams, in which you add new nodes and connections between elements. The program includes complex mathematical formulas that allow you to compare the alternatives and arrive at the best decision. To make the best use of it, you will need to study its manual thoroughly. It includes simple and everyday examples to start working with the program.

Apart from the fact that this software is very specialized and not very easy to use, the main issue is that its help manuals are not updated to the latest version. Although many of the functions and commands are the same in both versions, the interface is quite different, thus making difficult to follow the instructions. Nevertheless, it would be useful for you if you are familiar with this type of program.

Please note that to download the installation file, you need to register using a valid e-mail account. Also, you will receive a serial number that you need to use to activate your copy of the program, which is free. You may want to make a donation if you find the program useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Helps in decision making
  • Includes tips at startup


  • Not intuitive
  • For specialized users only
  • Help manuals not updated to the latest version
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